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My Dearest Royal Siblings,
Its been a long time since I’ve e-mailed you; I pray this communication finds you and your families SOARING in the love, the peace, the will and the blessings of our DaddyGod. As for me and my house, we are doing well and praising God for the New Year 2016 and the blessing to see it!
See, while on Christmas vacation, I suffered a near fatal drowning after falling into the ocean at Chincoteague Island right after I’d declared the prophetic promises of God for me and for you, The Daughters of Christ, via live Periscope (video). The devil was mad at me.  But I’m so glad, “Because He Is, I Am, The Daughter of Christ and have the victory over every demonic force that attempts to steal, kill or destroy me! Glory to God!
Instead of reading, take a look at this…

As you can see, I’m a walking, talking miracle and I can’t wait to share the entire testimony.  In the meantime, please keep me uplifted in your prayers for God’s healing of my ankle bones and a full restoration of my stepping facilities better than before!

Love You Always,
#TheDaughterofChrist aka @HisLoveEvang
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Prophetess Darnella Soaking Prayer Moment

Darnella Speakers


Prophetic Prayer Mode

Darnella Speakers


Darnella Moore
Darnella Moore

During my drive into work today, the Holy Spirit shifted me, while driving, into Prophetic Prayer mode for our Kingdom Family, our households, our covenant relationships, our President/Governmental Leadership, and our nation. As we enter the New Year 2016 (according to man’s calendar, because according to the Jewish (God’s) timetable the New Year came and went in September – IJS), we, The Sons & Daughters of God, need to remain under His Blood and empower others to do so as well as there will not only be an acceleration of blessings for us (the Kingdom), but also of justice in the land. Last year 3 days after the New Year, my maternal family went from rejoicing (2015) to mourning my eldest niece’s transition to glory: That quickly, we shifted from dancing to crying. But God! I heard the Lord say this morning, this same New Year pattern is going to hit our nation. My Royal Siblings, it is #praying and #soaking time with/before our God. I personally am excited about January 2016 as I expect many Prophetic Promises of God for my life to be released, yet I am also spiritually vigilant as I know that whatever God releases for me, it is also in many ways for you because I’m not my own – I, #TheDaughterofChrist aka #HisLoveEvang , belong to Him so my life as His Distributor is for the world to see my DaddyGod’s glory through me. I’m going into my #SoakingPrayer chamber as instructed by God for the next 3 days. I can’t wait to share with you what He reveals.

God-Love & Praying For You Always,

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P.S. If you would like for me to call your name out in my personal prophetic prayers during this time period, feel free to comment below and I will obediently do so. Will you all keep me uplifted too? :)


Corporate Speaker at #PTIO2015

My PTIO2015 Facebook Header

I’m so excited about being a Virtual Speaker this upcoming weekend at Cheryl Wood’s annual business “Play Time Is Over Conference!” I join a powerful list of live as well as virtual speakers and I’m looking forward to growing to the next level as a business woman as well as meeting/networking with others.

As soon as the confirmed speaker time slot for me is released, I will post it here so that you can join us virtually (absolutely free, by the way) too!

Thank you Cheryl Wood for this phenomenal opportunity! Let’s get busy yall because play time is indeed over!

God-Love Always,

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“I am the Lord your God and there is no other!”
~ Isaish 45:5


God's pen of a ready writer.
God’s pen of a ready writer.

When the Holy Spirit wrote this blog through me, I’d just returned from a glorious lunch hour of Soaking Prayer with my Beloved which is one of my favorite spiritual disciplines.  I approached my desk to resume working when the Holy Spirit clearly spoke, “tell the world your DaddyGod reigns supreme.” Here is His further revelation spoken to me for you & I . . .

Darnella Speakers

Serve only the Lord your God.
Respect him, keep his commands, and obey him.
Serve him and be loyal to him.

~Deuteronomy 13:4

You, my beloved Royal Children, live in a world where false gods are being ignorantly received, obeyed and worshipped.  People are seeking a savior, a fix, a healing, but are looking in the wrong places or persons due to deception to find the one and only Savior, Fixer and/or Healer Who is Me!  The farther they travel this dangerous road, the deeper they fall into misery or depression that most medicines can’t heal nor soothe.  The father of lies, satan himself, is prodding world leaders, governmental and spiritual,  to take “Me,” the Creator God, out of the equation of earthly life by removing My powerful name “Jesus” or while commanding you to not speak of Me, God, at all).   Non-believers want to shut down and snuff out My cry for soul salvation from sin and death which ultimately leads to the gift of eternal life.  Yet I am the Lord God Who reigns supreme over Heaven and earth! I am the Lord God Whose light cannot and will not be dimmed by mere mortal man who I have the ability to snuff out at will.  Most people don’t know My superiority while many others are simply disobediently rejecting it.  This is why I called and raised you up, my  Royal Sons & Daughters, for such a time as this.

“Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word. …that they may be one, even as we are one: I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou has sent me.’
~ John 17:20, 22-23

The time is NOW for you, the Sons & Daughters of Christ who bear my Name, to tell, to show, to declare to this temporary sinful world Who I permanently AM! Shout the voice of triumph from the north, south, east and west: “Jesus is His Name!  Jesus is the Lord!  Jesus is the Answer!  We declare with power, confidence, boldness and proudness that our Heavenly Father, the Creator God of heaven and earth, REIGNS!  Our God REIGNS, therefore, we REIGN too!”

My Royal Kingdom Siblings, Jew and gentile, DaddyGod has provided us with His key to winning the world.  It is up to us to use the key moreso now than ever before to do so!  It is time for the world to know not just merely through our words, but also demonstratively through His power operating through us, in the form of the gifts of the Spirit, when we lay hands on and pray to save the lost, heal the sick, raise the dead, open blind eyes and so much more!

Political correctness is for the birds (oops, I meant the world).  Declaring the life-changing Name of our Lord is for us eagles in His Kingdom! Which one are you?

In His Love,

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Darnella Moore The Daughter of Christ
Darnella Moore
The Daughter of Christ

There is nothing like a good ‘ole dose of inspiration to get your soul churning and spirit flowing in the presence and praise of DaddyGod.  Inspiration can be derived from a myriad of persons, places or things surrounding our lives whether it’s a book, a flower, a golf course, a friend, a cup of organic tea or ultimately, the Word of God.  We all have something to get inspired by as well as a reason to get inspired!


As a born uplifter, I personally make it a habit to pull the powerful source of inspiration into my being throughout my day.  Whether times are smooth or the going is tough, my primary source of inspiration comes from my personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.  As His Royal Daughter, I have an open invitation to come and humbly lay at His feet or expectantly soak in His presence where I can refuel while hearing Him speak prophetic promises and sweet somethings in my ear.  When the world drains me, Hallelujah, my DaddyGod instantly refills me!

After my DaddyGod-Daughter time, I’m empowered to recognize and experience His Love lifting in all creation.  I am intentional about surrounding myself with people and things that lovingly lift me up while simultaneously keeping me grounded.  For example, I purchase myself fresh flowers weekly and strategically place them in my home or office where I can see and smell them; I have a jubilant conversation with my children, my mother or my sister-friends who can make me laugh or have a cleansing cry; as an avid reader, I keep a stack of books along with His Word next to my bed for reading at any time; as a water lover, I purchased a water fountain not only as beautiful décor for my bedroom, but also a delightful sound to my ears and spirit.  You see, in order for me to be a conduit of inspiration for others, which I absolutely was born to be, I must continually be inspirationally uplifted myself.


An inspired people, is an uplifted people.  And an uplifted people are good doses of inspiration pouring down upon the world around them.  What a blessing!


So stop what you’re doing for a moment to sit down to smell the roses as well as reflect on how great DaddyGod has been to you.  No doubt you’ll begin to praise Him for what He has already done, then immediately get inspired for what He is about to do in, through and by you – His inspiring Royal Son or Daughter!

Loving DaddyGod & You,
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To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.
~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

First, its been a while since I’ve blogged my inner thoughts.  My absence began with dealing with multiple deaths in my family late last year to Spring of this year followed then by my annual summer break.  I felt a huge “writing” void in my life during that time period, but also experienced the greatest restoration and refueling time I’ve ever had.  Sometimes, as I often say, we simply need to take a “Selah” moment in life replete with quiet stillness to hear profound secrets, fruitful promises and clear instructions from DaddyGod.  He is always speaking which requires us to be in a yielded posture to readily listen.  One day during my period of mourning, I heard Him clearly say,  “Daughter, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  Trust and wait on Me.” I, the Daughter of Christ, of course, immediately and obediently replied, “yes, Lord, Thine will be done.”

Ask, and it will be given to you;
seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
~Matthew 7:7

DaddyGod never proves or steers me wrong.  I’ve waited and some things have indeed manifested; others are in the midst of doing so while some remain in process.  I’ve learned in life that DaddyGod has a master plan so great for our lives that sometimes those plans need to soak and marinate a good while before being realized or even at times revealed.  And when they finally do… my, my, my!

I will put My Spirit in you, and you shall live,
and I will place you in your own land. Then you shall know
that I, the Lord, have spoken it and performed it,” says the Lord.
~ Ezekiel 37:14

What are you, waiting on DaddyGod to do for you?  Have you asked Him for something yet? Or have you asked Him but still remain in waiting?  Whatever place you’re at in your life with respect to a time and a season regarding a personal promise He made to you, may this blog remind you that your Heavenly Father is our dependable God Who always keeps His promises and powerfully performs His Word!

My Royal Kingdom Sibling, your time and your season is not simply coming…

… by unwavering faith, it is already definitely here!

In His Love,

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